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The other day, Eden said that she wanted to be an entrepreneur--to start her own business. I said "That's amazing! What do you want to sell?" After discussing it for a minute, we landed on making and selling kid soap. She loves to mix things -making lotions/potions/scents and mixing together things that are an absolute abomination in her room and the bathroom for the sake of experimentation. So, I'm thrilled to push that energy toward something productive. She quickly started working on her "business plan" in her journal....

The next day, I asked how she was doing with her new business idea. She replied, "I quit." She was in a bad mood, so that could have contributed to it. But she sounded defeated. I said "WHHYYY?? I would totally help you with this--why would you quit so soon?" I showed her some examples on Instagram of other kid soap businesses or content with different shapes and colors of soap. It made her even more angry. "See? Other people are doing it already! It's not an original idea and wouldn't work."

This was such a teaching moment--for her and me. Many of us sit with that mindset... when we don't know how to do something, we get stuck. We don't want to look "stupid." Or it looks too hard, like it will take too much time, like we don't know the steps...etc. etc. Here are some tips to think about when we are "dreaming big":

  1. Set your own goals. Take time to reflect on your values, interests, and passion. Don't get caught up on what you think the world wants you to do or be.

  2. Write it down. Defining what success looks like in the short term and long term. Also break things down into smaller areas, like personal/professional/etc.

  3. Try to not find excuses. There will be obstacles, disappointments and setbacks. Expect them. Push through them.

  4. Find positive people or mentors doing what you want to do. Energy is real; finding higher vibrations to keep you on the right plane for abundance is key. Pray, read, renew or whatever you must to get your mind right.

  5. Don't be afraid to fail. Rejection or disappointment can be hard to move past. We are all growing and changing so be flexible. Adapt and recalibrate.

So hopefully one day, you will see a link here with a way to purchase some fabulous kid soap made by Eden. Until then,


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