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Are Y'all Tired?

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

I sure am. Let me tell ya'll why.....

  1. We've been on high alert due to a global pandemic since March 9, 2020

  2. Weren't sure if we were gonna all die soon.

  3. Proceeded to work from home and facilitate school virtually.

  4. Washed all my groceries profusely. With bleach. Everytime.

  5. Racism and Black trauma.

  6. Find inferior PPE and play Russian Roulette with my life when leaving the house.

  7. Watching copious amounts of shows I'd never watch on Hulu, Disney +, Netflix, Instagram, etc.

  8. Watching lots and lots of Instagram, Facebook at 3:00a.m., 3:56am, 5:42am, and 15 min before it was time to get up for work.

  9. Seeing/experiencing weather like out of a sci-fi movie that warned us that the weather would be like out of a sci-fi movie in 10-20 years.

  10. Racism and Black trauma.

  11. Making a conscious decision to commit to health and working out since I'm working from home.

  12. Baking high caloric Double Tree cookies, cakes and other fatty foods that directly conflicted with health and working out.

  13. Stress eating.

  14. Racism and Black trauma.

  15. Repurposing all work processes for virtual meetings, events, etc.

  16. Zoom fatigue.

  17. Learning to make online baskets of groceries, making it RAIN on these various apps in the name of safety and laziness.

  18. Internet "researching" to find the ways that a vaccine will kill me and any unborn children I may want.

  19. Watching the standard of presidential debates go the way of most reality television.

  20. Waiting for comedy shows to provide me with accurate, thoughtful news and current events.

  21. Searching out a child psychologist, because DUH.

  22. Racism and Black trauma.


  24. Scrambling to find said killer vaccine so that Hot Girl Summer can happen--"Catch me outside, how bout dat?!?!

There's more. What am I missing? Let me know. Continue to take care, ya'll.....

~Misty Cowherd

I will be making more serious posts in the future...this was just overwhelming exhaustion taking over my brain.

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