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Personal Branding…#over40

So anyone that knows me, knows that I have an affinity for photography and styling since my teens and have periodically over my lifetime refreshed my image with photographs. I use it as a means to also timestamp my "life." In the past, usually only people in business or entertainment would make the investment to do headshots. Because, what else could you be using it for?

Well, in the age of social media, we all have a "brand." If you want to see yours, Google your name. What comes up? Are you happy with it? Does it tell the story that you want shared with the world? your digital footprint is increasingly important, and whether you like it, or not, your career, your network, and your values are on display. It would be better to have control over it rather than leave it to chance. Creating a great résumé is definitely important too, but you'd be surprised how many opportunities can come from anecdotes other than what you put on that paper.

Since this blog is centered on motherhood, and I'm talking to you about personal brand, let's talk about the tendency for Moms to focus on who they are in a relation to their family, more so than their career/passions. If you're a type A mom and you never lost yourself in this process, you can stop reading--rock on. But for everyone else, who went through a period of self-sacrifice, borderline neglect to position your precious little ones with a great foundation, I'm talking to you.

Maybe you've temporarily disconnected from some of your talents or skills--what you want to or previously offered to the world--and you want to regain that connection. Maybe you just don't know what clothes fit your body anymore. Or what hairstyle makes you shine. Or new makeup methods confuse you. Maybe you're in transition--new career, empty nest or divorce.

I'm thinking of creating an event for women that would bring resources together in one place to promote self-love, personal branding and reinvention (if needed). Would that be of interest to you? Are you a makeup artist or a stylist that would love to be involved? What is your story? Let me know.


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