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It's Gonna be May the 4th Be With You...

Truthfully...I don't so far.

I need to see if Mercury is in retrograde or something. Some type of WandaVision magnetic field of energy

  1. Is anyone else's iPhone acting up? Granted, I have an iPhone 8, but I refuse to upgrade until I WANT TO! Since I got it repaired at the Apple store, it randomly shuts off and dies while I'm on the phone or internet surfing. Dass weird....dass suspicious.....

  2. My car battery died. I don't know why. I didn't leave my lights on or anything. Just something zapped my car and ruined my day for no reason.

  3. Also, are your children malfunctioning??? Perhaps it could be the age/stage. It could be the pandemic. I'm not a fan--I'm cutting his YouTube viewing time because I blame all this on YouTube.

Anyway, I need some better vibes. Time to refocus energy on our goals, passions and growth.

Here are some things that I've found helpful to refocus my energy:

  1. Ask If What You're Spending Your Energy On Invests In Your Future.

  2. Intentionally Prioritize.

  3. Align Yourself With the Right People.

  4. Find Something Even Better To Put Your Energy Into. ...

  5. Think Positive Thoughts!

Viva Allergy Season!

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