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New Year, New Beginnings

You thought I forgot! I've been busy....

With the start of each new year, the #NewYearNewMe posts flood in, and I'll be no different!

I've always believed that access to higher education can be a life-changing opportunity. I have worked in higher education for most of my career, so transitioning to a new corporate role this month has been both exciting and daunting! A whole new world! It's been a change that I've desired for a while and I am happy and proud to say has come to fruition. As Diversity Recruitment Coordinator for Kroger Corporate, I am excited to help the company create diversity strategies, forge community partnerships and early pipeline programs. My first real job as Minority Recruitment Coordinator for Louisiana State University started my journey into the DEI space with connecting underrepresented students to resources, sending them on a pathway to success. From that role, and several others at various institutions, HR is a space that I've been interested in growing within. And as I understand my role more, I am excited to continue that passion and drive with Kroger.

Starting with a new role, in a new company, working remotely does pose some challenges, so I'm going to lay out some strategies that I want to stick to for my #newyearnewme that hopefully the learning curve won't be too much to handle in the long run. It's a new environment so I'm gonna try to be more intentional about making connections and finding how I can help support. If any of my corporate friends have tips, please send them my way!!

Self Reflection and Building an authentic brand during transitions

As we move throughout life, we

Have a Clear Vision

Shine Bright

Are Passionate

Committed to making things happen

Trust in our own decisions

willing and open to others' ideas

Don't take credit all for ourselves

Able to inspire and influence others

Have energy that doesn't operate out of fear, but out of offering value

Spark new ideas

Engage and develop strong relationships

Possess a Confident mindset


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