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Roadtrip through Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, to Louisiana

I drove 15 hours across the country, by myself, with 2 a pandemic.

Because I'm insane.

I decided to rent a van and drive from Columbus, Ohio to Zachary, Louisiana last week to see my parents and go home for a while. My original idea was to travel while I was still working remotely and the kids were also still doing hybrid, however, since the state decided to go back to in-person, I had to escalate my execution.

First thing is packing....I hate to forget my meds or the kids meds or go to the store 50-11 times while I'm at my destination, so its really convenient to have a working list. There are apps that assist you, but I am old school and just use notes on my iphone for this.

The next thing is stops....people feel differently about stops on a trip. I'm the "it's not the destination; its the journey" -type person, so I don't mind stopping for bathroom breaks, leg stretches or cool tourist spots that prolong a trip if it's worth it! A good tool for this was the @Roadtrippers app that I downloaded. It was a good resource for all of the places/stops along your journey that might be cool to see along the way.

Entertainment for children under 10 for 15 hours...............well, apparently children don't like sleeping anymore in the car (which was my go-to). My kids each have a tech device---one has an Apple Ipad Mini and another has the Amazon Fire HD 8 kids tablet, so we download apps, or we download movies! The Spongebob Movie as well as Raya the Last Dragon came out so that and Youtube channels allow me to listen to my own music and vibe out on the drive!!

It would be really awesome to find some young, Black Youtubers for my kids to follow/subscribe to, so let me know if you know of any!

Safe Travels!!

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