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Updated: Sep 30, 2021

I started a personal blog several years ago (2012) to chronicle my journey after starting law school, getting engaged, getting married, and getting pregnant in a year's time. My little family moved from Louisiana to Mississippi and, since I was an only child and have moved far away from family and friends, I decided to put my journalism degrees to good use! It was like an outlet, a personal journal to document life happens, happy or sad. Having no point of reference, documenting marriage, motherhood, professional life and black personhood in America seemed like a good idea if I needed some memory refreshment or historical references. So During that 6 year period, life was definitely a WHIRLWIND--I discussed:

  • My son's birth not going as planned, here.

  • My daughter's birth, and her early life fraught with medical issues here:

  • I Found out that I loved to do themed parties and baby showers, here, here, and here:

Not rocket science, but it was a start for 8 years ago. When we started getting into a groove, we took an opportunity and moved to Columbus, OH....

During all of these challenges, I'm sure that I've made mistakes, but I've also feel like I've killed the game in some aspects, considering some of the hardships we have faced.

  • I've worked in higher education for the last 15+ years.

  • Been married for almost 10 years

  • I've got two, relatively smart and functional kids

  • I've also got goals, and hopes, and dreams and hobbies

My kids have dabbled in sports, they have their own little budding careers earlier than I did. They have experienced more than I did at their ages. They've also seen a lot happening in the world--from police brutality, riots, racism, climate change, political upheaval. It's pretty scary and I'm positive other moms are experiencing some of the same angst, worry and desire for preparedness that I'm feeling. So this is a safe space, to share information, and joy and hobbies and laughs. It's my contribution to healing for 2021....

--Misty Cowherd

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