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You Miss 100% of the Shots Not Taken

Taking a chance can lead to some really unique and fun opportunities...

This past summer, while we were in the pandemic, I had no clue what kind of school year we would be having this year. In considering the educational needs of a 7 and a 9 year old, that created some stress for me. I began to buy lots of books and curriculums and joined a LOT of Facebook groups to know what I should include academically (I'll share those later). I also started to give thought to what kind of LIFE LESSONS I could provide to my kids. I didn't want them walking around "book smart" but with little common sense.

I also thought about each of my kid's strengths. My daughter Eden is very....expressive, lol. She talks about wanting to be a "star" all the time so I was bored one night on Instagram and I happened upon a local talent agency Heyman Talent Agency I found out how to submit online and went for it. I felt like I needed to also submit Jackson because, siblings, and what I do for one, I must do for the other.

To my surprise, the agency contacted me for a meeting (the pandemic, as terrible as it was, opened the door for virtual meetings, which is pretty helpful in this industry). Kenny and everyone there are very easy to work with--they went over contracts and the approved list of photographers to use for photos. I combed over the list and settled on Open Image Studios . Monty, the photographer, was amazing and worked well with my little ones (he even took our family pics on this site). Eden was ready--she loves dressing up and taking photos. And lots of attention.

Jackson was a bit more challenging....he is shy(ish) and doesn't like lots of attention. So I had to bargain with him. But Monty worked with him and was able to get a great shot in the end.

The angsty, preteen thing works for him, lol.

Since then, we've had some really cool and amazing experiences for the kids. They both love it and I appreciate the opportunity to show them about work--about showing up, even when you don't always feel like it, professionalism and giving them a sense of accomplishment. I also wanted to create savings for them so they can do whatever they choose when they turn 18. I'm hoping this, along with other opportunities will help shape them into strong, hard working, self aware people--that's what I'm working towards!

So if you are interested in getting into this sort of thing, do some research and take a chance! It's definitely worth it.


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