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"The Devil You Know...." Is still THE DEVIL... You know?

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

How to avoid stagnation in your life as a working mom

As we all collectively journey through this tumultuous period of world history together, we can probably all feel a collective wave of EXHAUSTION that has come over us. My fight-or-flight has flown the coop in so many instances. Lockdown, Pandemics, Restrictions, Politics, Death--People are worn out. COVID-19 has especially been hard on women because the U.S. economy is hard on women. There are pay gaps, low-wage jobs, child care and school hardships (virtual learning, return to in-person, COVID protocols). When that "deep tired," hits, you really aren't in the mood for any major life changes or adjustments, you just want things to be easy. Maybe even go on auto-pilot to get through.

So complacency sets in.

And for a while, that may be ok. Trauma responses are different for everyone and it takes time to process how stress manifests in our lives. One good thing about being a parent and having kids is that they are the perfect reminder of time. Time passes so swiftly, you don't even realize it until you see an old picture of your kids or they laugh in a much deeper voice than you remembered...time waits for no man.

This is of course about self-improvement, but I also want to acknowledge that THIS IS REALLY HARD. When you are busy and tired, it doesn't feel like there is much leeway to add anything else to your plate. But the last thing you want is the regret of realizing you are at a dead-end and may not really be fulfilled or motivated to accomplish your purpose. The best you can do is engage in as much a self-care as you can (exercise, healthy eating, vitamins, immune boosters) and follow these few suggestions:


1. Never stop learning

This is just a rule of life. We all need to proactively seek new ways to learn so we

feel a sense of growth or progress. There are many certification programs

available, as well as professional development opportunities to take advantage of.

Linkedin is full of training modules to gain new insight and skills that would be

beneficial for your career. Audiobooks and podcasts are all passive learning tools

you can use while driving or cleaning or even working out.

Never let "imposter syndrome" defeat you into not stretching yourself past comfort.

You've got this!


2. Look and ask for opportunities

We all know its a "who you know" type of world. The Great Resignation and an

increase in remote work, vaccination requirements, etc. means that so many

people are on the job hunt right now. Reach out to friends and family. Chat with

recruiters/hiring managers and build relationships during or after interviews.

Seek out peers or mentors in your field


3. Know when to leave

Sometimes there are points in time where you hit a wall; when you've tried many

different avenues or the cost of remaining in the situation becomes too great of a

weight on your psyche, your self-esteem or even your health. It takes a longer time

to build back what is destroyed than to avoid what you realize is destructive, so

take time to assess your situation and really challenge yourself to be honest about

whether your best efforts may be in vain.

Your life is a journey....try new things, and old things too. -Misty Cowherd

“Life always waits for some crisis to occur before revealing itself at its most brilliant.” ~ Paulo Coelho

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